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Equip for Excellence

Equip for Excellence

Helping patients see better, walk better and live better

“Give me the best and I’ll provide the rest.” Equip for Excellence is a multi-million dollar campaign to enhance healthcare at Saskatoon City Hospital through the purchase of equipment, resources and technology. To date, almost four million has been raised. Major capital equipment purchases include a state-of-the-art, 3D mammography unit, an endoscopic ultrasound, a point-of-care ultrasound in the emergency department, and a vein viewer. The campaign also enabled a $2 million dollar upgrade and modernization of the hospital’s Surgical Pathology Lab.

As there will always be technological change and ways to better health care at Saskatoon City Hospital, the list of needed items remains.


Driver Simulator
Kinetik Driver Education Program
Cost: $104,000                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Frank remembers the sound of brakes screeching, too late.  The rest is a blur.

 A distracted driver plowed into him as he crossed the street.

 Frank’s slowly recovering. There are daily struggles with physical and mental limitations. With frequent rehab visits and more at-home parenting duties, Frank realizes driving again would help. That’s a challenge with his new boundaries. The act of driving many take for granted isn’t easy for Frank.

 You can help the hospital’s Kinetik Rehabilitation Program assess and train disabled drivers like Frank. Donate today to purchase a driving simulator for the Driver Evaluation Program.

The simulator determines people’s abilities to operate motor vehicles safely. It benefits those with cognitive, perceptual, physical, or medical limitations. It’s also useful for individuals who’ve never driven but have significant disabilities that require special adaptations.

“The simulator is ideal because we can measure such factors as legality, safety and courtesy,” says driving instructor Natasha Meger. “It measures ability to control a vehicle, anticipate and manage risk, and records driver performance. It teaches basic skills such as lane keeping and turning, or higher skills like hazard perception and collision avoidance.”

The simulator provides immediate feedback, matching scenarios to drivers’ specific needs, she adds. “This is crucial because Saskatchewan has many options for restricted driving that need to be factored into the assessment process. The simulator is simply a better, safer option for testing drivers.”


Radiography Suite
Medical Imaging Department
Cost: $637,000

If you called a taxi and the driver arrived with a horse and buggy, would you be surprised?

What if you learned a hospital department was using a computer with a 5 ¼ inch floppy drive? This is what’s happening in a radiography (x-ray) room at Saskatoon City Hospital.

The equipment, moved from the old City Hospital, is 25 years old. Often the computer doesn’t start. Staff remove the floppy, wave it in the air or blow on it and put it back to restart.

Your donations will transform the room to digital technology, allowing images to be viewed instantly.

This will improve wait times where often 30 to 40 patients are waiting for an x-ray. Processing patients more efficiently will improve the hospital’s entire continuum of care.

Digital x-ray technology is also safer, with radiation exposure reduced by 20 to 40 percent.

Thanks to a generous donation from Irene and Leslie Dubé, gifts to a designated amount will be matched. Donate $25 and it’s automatically $50. A $100 donation doubles to $200.


Bringing home to Rehab
Furnishing, décor & comforts
Inpatient Rehabilitation Centre
Cost: $78,000

You can help create a more culturally welcoming and home-like environment in the hospital’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Centre. New furnishings, décor and comfort will greatly improve the recovery of those suffering from stroke, heart attack, trauma or other mobility altering event.

SpyGlass DS Direct Visualization System
Endoscopy Suite, Ambulatory Care
Cost: $162,500

A new SpyGlass will be used as part of endoscopic procedures such as an endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) or endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) in the hospital’s Endoscopy Suite. Currently, patients who would benefit from the SpyGlass must travel to Regina or Edmonton, or endure several invasive procedures in Saskatoon.

The scope is useful because it allows doctors to spots stones in the gastrointestinal system and blast them for removal at the same time. This prevents the need for more procedures. The SpyGlass can also be used in cancer detection as it allows doctors to take biopsies and view tissue that can’t be seen by other methods.  The current alternative to this is procedure is a nine-hour surgery.



If you would like to discuss the items on this list or wish to see a more extensive list of needs, please email contact@saskatooncityhospitalfoundation.com or call 306-655-8489 (toll free 1-800-603-4464).